Charlie Ergen is said to be out looking for cash to fuel part of a Dish Network deal to buy wireless carrier T-Mobile US Inc..

The Wall Street Journal reports, as do other national news outlets, that Dish Network, of which Ergen is chairman, is talking with banks about borrowing $10 billion to $15 billion for the cash part of a T-Mobile purchase that would largely be funded with Dish Network stock.


Now that Sling TV has launched and Dish Network won a chunk of wireless spectrum, Dish president and CEO Joseph P. Clayton plans to retire.

The Douglas County satellite TV company on Monday said that Clayton, 65, will retire on March 31. Dish founder Charlie Ergen, its chairman, will step back into the role s he left in 2011 to make room for Clayton.

"I'm very appreciative that Joe allowed me to go do some things in the last four years," Ergen said on Monday's conference call for its financial results.

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LAS VEGAS — Dish Network unveiled a significantly lower price for TV service on Monday to appeal to those who abandoned or never paid for TV.

For $20 a month, Sling TV users will get ESPN, Disney Channel, Food Network and nine other channels.

The catch? You'll still need a reliable Internet connection.

Sling TV, available to subscribers later this month, isn't meant to be a direct competitor to Dish's satellite-TV service or on-demand streaming services such as Net flix. Rather, it offers 12 live channels streamed to mobile devices for about the same price Comcast charges to add HBO to an existing plan.

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