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The Carmel Group, located in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, was founded in 1996 as a spin-off from Paul Kagan Associates. Consulting, especially telecom, media, and technology litigation support and competitive analysis, research, publishing, journalism, and conference support, are our key areas of activity. The Carmel Group also prides itself on four decades’ worth of business development strategic advisory services, merger and acquisition advisory services, and investment advisory services for companies in the telecommunications, digital media, mobile communications, and high technology sectors. Early focus on the Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) industry was supplemented a few years later by a broader refocus on the larger pay TV and broadcast video industries, and recently eMobility, iMobility, and the Internet of Things, which now also leads us into an additional focus on the new online video/Over-The-Top (OTT) sides of video distribution.

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U.S. Fixed Wireless Market Report

The U.S. fixed wireless market is comprised of 2,000 network operators averaging 1,200 customers each, according to a new report from analyst firm The Carmel Group. Several major companies also have announced plans to offer fixed wireless service – including Google, AT&T, Verizon and Windstream, the authors note.

The report forecasts strong growth for the U.S. fixed wireless market, which is projected to grow from more than 4 million subscribers today to 8 million by 2021.

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Telecompetitor Article

Wireless Internet Service Providers Pitch Fixed Wireless Technology in Forthcoming Infrastructure Bill

Go to www.IoTComplete.com for connection to All Things Internet of Things (IoT), including how the video world is enveloping IoT.

The Carmel Group's 2016 Competitive Broadband Provider Report

A Competitive Broadband Provider (“CBP”) (also known as a Wireless Internet Services Provider (“WISP”), a Broadband Wireless Access Provider (“BWA”) or Fixed Wireless Access Provider (“FWA”)) is a fixed wireless provider of competitive broadband service, offered primarily to consumers, businesses and anchor institutions in rural and suburban areas. CBPs deliver competitive Internet broadband over a combination of licensed, shared access and unlicensed spectrum, comprised mostly of data but increasingly voice, video, security services, and related ancillary products and services are being offered. This Report presents both an overall and a detailed view of today’s U.S. CBP industry. It further discusses the industry’s strengths, opportunities, challenges, and threats. An international CBP perspective is also offered. Over 2,000 U.S.-based CBPs target their services toward existing, unserved and underserved consumers. It is estimated that CBPs serve more than four million users in the U.S. today and will achieve 2016 revenues of $2.3-$3 billion. More and more today CBPs are expanding beyond just rural residential to include suburban and urban residential, business, governmental and institutional users.


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    As firms expand and choose new venues for their business plans and strategies, reliable and actionable data and high-level analysis is essential in the decision-making processes of their top executives.

    For almost two decades, The Carmel Group has conducted a wide variety of consulting for domestic and international companies and individuals working in these industry sub-sectors. Compan... Read More

  • Fundraising

    The Carmel Group has strong relationships with venture capitalists and other funding entities globally. As an example, The Carmel Group's Chairman and CSO, Jimmy Schaeffler, is an advisory board member of the well known telecom investment boutique, Near Earth LLC, loca... Read More

  • Executive Search

    The Carmel Group, through a reputation for integrity and honesty built from its decades and decades of networking, projects and presentations, has gotten to know a quite a large number of companies and company executives in the telecom, government, and related spaces.

    These range from start-up employees and companies, to the highest level executives and best kno... Read More

  • Conferences

    The Carmel Group held its first conference, “DBS: The 5 Burning Questions,” in February 1996. Since that time, The Carmel Group has completely or co-organized literally hundreds of panels and demonstrations and keynotes addresses, literally across the globe. These range from a 2008 satellite conference in Hyderabad, India, to a “Future of Video” presentation before the<... Read More

  • Our Clients

    The Carmel Group’s clients through the years have ranged from the largest of the broadcast and pay TV (i.e., cable, telco, and satellite TV entities) on the “old media” side, to  “new media” players, such as the Over-The-TOP/broadband/online video innovators that are revolutionizing the future of video distribution.

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